Driver Protest

Protests may be submitted by drivers of any Red Light Racing session. Drivers are encouraged to work these problems out with a League Administrator immediately after the race but protests may also be submitted in order to create a record of the incident.

What to Expect

The purpose of a protest is to help us stop bad behavior. Severe actions such as suspensions or league dismissal will only be used for extreme cases where the offense was egregious or the driver has failed to heed warnings from previous protests. If the driver you protested is not immediately banned from the league, do not take this to mean that your protest was "unsuccessful." Success is measured by how well we prevent future incidents, and in most cases this will not require punishment.

Some things to keep in mind when submitting your protest:

Leave emotion out of it
Just state the facts about what happened and we will review the incident objectively. It's usually best to wait until the next day to submit the protest. This will give you time to cool off and organize your thoughts on the incident.

Include enough detail to help us
Here is a list of things that will help us evaluate the incident:
  • Lap(s) where the incident(s) occurred
  • Other drivers who may have been impacted or who will support your case
  • Which rule the driver broke
  • How the situation was handled at the time (was there an argument, a discussion, etc?)

Replays of all Red Light races are kept by League Administrators, so you do not need to submit a replay file. Voice chat is not always recorded, so if you are protesting something that occurred over chat please include names of drivers who can support your case.

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