League Handbook

All drivers are expected to read and understand the League Handbook before racing with us

The following is prohibited:

  • Disrespecting other drivers

  • Intentional wrecking, even in practice

  • "Scrubbing your tires" (swerving on the pace lap)

  • Talking over Race Controllers

  • Intentional blocking

Race Procedures


    • Practice and pre-race Warmup sessions are not to be treated as chaotic, no-rules, demolition derbies. Disruptive behavior such as intentional crashing, burnouts, etc. is not permitted in these sessions. All League Rules apply while in any session that carries the League name.


    • For single-car qualifying, the chat channels (both in-game and Teamspeak) must remain silent until the qualifying session has ended.

    • For group/open qualifying sessions, chat should be limited to only that required for safe driving around each other. No casual chatting during qualifying.

    • All drivers are expected to qualify for each race.

    • End-Of-Line penalties at the race start will not be given by request. If you are not prepared to race, you should not be on the track.


    • All chat must cease when the Pace Car reaches the last turn prior to restart

    • After the Pace Car exits the track, the leader must maintain pace speed until the Green Flag is shown.

    • Leaders may not accelerate (“jump the start”) before the Green Flag is shown

    • Drivers who “jump the start” may receive a Black Flag penalty from Race Control.

    • The leader may choose to start on the outside lane. Coordinate the switch with the P2 driver over voice chat. The lane swap should be completed as early as possible when the "one to go" signal is given. If the lane swap is not completed prior to entering Turn 3 (on ovals) or the final turn (on road courses), then the leader must start in the assigned lane.

    Lapped Vehicles

    • Although lapped vehicles are not required to change their line to allow lead-lap cars to pass, they are strongly encouraged to do so. It is the responsibility of both drivers to communicate their intentions to the other driver to facilitate a safe pass.

    • On Road Courses, it is preferred to let the other driver pass on a straight-away, not in the turn. See the article "Turning Right" for more tips on Road Racing.

    • Dealing with cars that are on a different lap than you requires smart and respectful thinking from both parties. Take into consideration whether you or the other drivers are battling for position, the danger you pose to the other drivers and yourself, and the the benefit (or lack thereof) of yielding to the other driver(s) (even if you're a lap up.)

    Lucky Dog

    • In Oval races where the "Lucky Dog" is enabled, drivers are expected to stay on the lower lane of the track when the Lucky Dog driver is given the wave-around and stay there until that driver has passed.

    Black flags

    • If, under Caution Flag conditions, a driver is unable to maintain pace speed or catch up to the pack and is holding up cars behind him, he must move safely out of the way, stop, and call for a tow. This is to prevent other drivers from receiving a black flag penalty for "passing under yellow."

    • Race Officials MAY clear black flags that are given to a driver for reasons beyond their control such as:
      • “Unsafe Pit Entry” for avoiding or involvement in an accident
      • “Entering a Closed Pit” if you’re already on pit road before a caution comes out and receive a black flag when the pits suddenly change to “closed”
      • “Passing before Start/Finish line” if the car you passed was in an accident
      • “Passing under yellow” if due to another driver’s actions

      If you receive a black flag for something beyond your control (such as the items listed above), inform Race Control of the situation and the flag will be cleared if the situation warrants it. If you have too much damage from an incident under yellow flag conditions and can not catch up to the field before the leader enters pit road then you must stop and call for a tow so no one gets a black flag.

League Membership

Membership into the league is by invite only. Current members can refer other drivers to the league. League Administrators will review that driver’s record and decide whether or not to allow that member to join.

New members are not guaranteed a permanent slot in the League until their on-track performance has been evaluated by the League Administrators. This evaluation period is typically 3 to 5 races, but can be shortened or lengthened as desired by League Administrators.

    License Eligibility

      All Members are encouraged to strive for an ‘A’ Oval license through iRacing Official Races to gain experience and improve their racecraft, however this is not required for membership.


    (These participation requirements only apply to our regular season races. They do not apply to special events or "fun" races between seasons.)

      Drivers may be dismissed from the league without warning for any of the following:

      • Missing 2 races in a row without informing an admin before the 2nd missed race
      • Missing 3 races in a row *
      • Not participating in at least 70% of the season (7 races for a 10-week season, or 9 races for a 12-week season)

        * We understand that sometimes things come up that are beyond your control. Real-life responsibilities are more important than sim-racing. If you have a special circumstance that will prevent you from racing for several weeks, send a PM to an admin explaining the situation. You don't need to give personal details about your troubles, but just a general idea of why you can't race and we can work something out.

      Drivers are expected to make every reasonable effort to finish the race

      We will not award points for "start-and-parks" and if you retire from the race early when your car is still in good shape, it will be counted as a missed race. However, if your car is damaged such that you are unable to continue racing safely, then you are expected to retire from the race and it will not be counted against you.


    • Drivers are strongly encouraged to use TeamSpeak since this allows us to communicate before and after the race.

    • Please set your Teamspeak Nickname to your car number, followed by your name as it appears on iRacing.
      For Example: #44 John Smith

    • You can add your own nickname at the end, but please have your iRacing name on there as a minimum (If your iRacing name has a number at the end, you don't have to add that)

    • A link to our Teamspeak Server can be found on the League Home Page. This is a password-protected server. If you need the password, contact a League Administrator.


      Drivers are encouraged (but not required) to use TradingPaints to see each others’ custom paint jobs. Your custom paint may not include vulgarity or other objectionable items. League Administrators will discuss any questionable paint jobs and require the driver to change/remove the paint job if it is deemed inappropriate.

    Connection issues / Blinking

      Drivers cannot be expected to race around drivers that are having connection issues. Occasional blinking is understandable, but if the blinking is so bad that it becomes a major distraction to the other drivers, please consider parking it for the night. If it’s bad enough, Race Control may remove you from the race.

        If you are having connection issues, here are some things you may want to check/do:
      • Use a wired internet connection. Wireless connections are not stable enough and are typically the biggest cause of connection issues during the race
      • Close all email programs. Every time your email program checks the server, it robs connection bandwidth and can cause problems
      • Turn off auto-updates. Many programs are set to automatically download updates (Windows, Adobe, drivers, etc.) These updates happen at random times and can cause major issues when racing
      • Close any browser windows that automatically update. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, News Feeds, etc automatically refresh themselves. Every time they do, you’ll get a hiccup in your connection. Most sites also auto-update their ads. Your best bet is to close all browser windows except iRacing.
      • Minimize usage of the internet connection on other devices. If other devices on your router are using bandwidth (Netflix streaming, YouTube, etc) it can cause issues with your connection