Pit Macros

Automating your pit strategy selections in iRacing

by Jeremy Paterson
In iRacing, you have the ability to set up "macros" to pre-program various pit strategies and activate them with one button. These are set up in the iRacing Options Menu under "Auto Text Chat"

There are 3 pitstop settings that can be controlled using macros:

  • Tires
  • Fuel
  • Windshield Clearing
This guide will tell you the details of each option and give examples of macros for common pit strategies.

The Macros are set in the iRacing Options menu. Macros can also be manually typed in the same way text chat is typed in. The # symbol tells the system you're giving a macro command instead of chatting, so that always comes first. Next is the actual command you want to put in.

List of Commands

#clear Uncheck all pit options
#cleartires Uncheck all tires, but leave other settings alone
#lf Add a checkmark to the "Left Front Tire" box **
#lf 32 Add a checkmark to the "Left Front Tire" box AND change pressure to 32
#fuel Check the "Begin Fueling" box (if not already checked)
#fuel 10g Check the "Begin Fueling" box and set it to 10 gallons
#ws Add a checkmark to the "Clear Windshield" box (if not already there)
#fr Add a checkmark to the "Fast Repair" box (if not already there)


! Toggle the selected option
- Uncheck the selected option

**Tire designators are "lf, lr, rf, rr" for Left Front, Left Rear, Right Front, and Right Rear

You can add multiple commands to one line. This allows you to set up many different strategies that you can activate with a single button. See the examples below.


Note the '$' symbol at the end of each example

The '$' symbol is the equivalent of hitting the 'Enter' button to execute the command. If you don't have the '$' symbol at the end, the text will get typed in, but it won't do anything until you hit 'Enter' manually

#lf lr rf rr fuel 500g$ All 4 tires and fill the tank (setting fuel to any number larger than the tank size will fill it)
#clear fuel 1g$ No tires or windshield, just 1 gallon (splash) of fuel
#cleartires rf rr$ Right side tires only. Leave fuel setting as-is
#clear$ No pit service. Repairs ONLY
#clear ws$ Same as above, except you'll still get the windshield tearoff checked
#fr$ Enable Fast Repair
#-fr$ Disable Fast Repair
#!fr$ Toggle Fast Repair

Remember that the sequence of your macros is important!

"#clear rf rr" would clear all options, then add the Right side tires back in
"#rf rr clear" would check/recheck the right side tire boxes, THEN clear everything... meaning your pit crew won't service the car!

Common Pit Strategies

FULL SERVICE (4 tires, full fuel, windshield tearoff) with NO Fast Repair #lf lr rf rr fuel 500 ws -fr$
RIGHT SIDES ONLY + FULL FUEL + WINDSHIELD with Fast Rapair #clear rf rr fuel 500g ws fr$
RIGHT SIDES ONLY + SPLASH OF FUEL #clear rf rr fuel 1g$
SPLASH OF FUEL (no tires) #clear fuel 1g$
NORMAL REPAIRS ONLY (No fuel, tires, windshield, or Fast Repair) #clear$
FAST REPAIR ONLY (No fuel, tires, or windshield) #clear fr$

Other uses for macros

Macros can also be used for standard chat messages and Administrator Commands in hosted sessions.

For text messages, remember to include '$' at the end of the message if you want it to be sent instantly. Otherwise, you'll have to hit the 'Enter' key at the end

For example: pass left$ would result in the text message "Pass Left" appearing as soon as you hit the assigned button.

For administrator commands, it may be better to leave the '$' symbol off of commands which require you to type the driver's number.