League Application

Thank you for your interest in joining Red Light Racing. Before applying, please read the Driver Expectations below. If you agree to them, fill out the form and we will review your application and get back to you.


(These participation requirements only apply to our regular season races. They do not apply to special events or "fun" races between seasons.)

    Drivers are expected to participate on a weekly basis

    Drivers who just pop in every now and then are not a good fit for the League. If you do not intend to make every reasonable effort to race the full season, please do not apply.

    Drivers may be dismissed from the league without warning for excessive unexplained absences

    We understand real-life responsibilities are more important than sim-racing. If you have a special circumstance that will prevent you from racing for several weeks, send a PM to an admin explaining the situation. You don't need to give personal details about your troubles, but just a general idea of why you can't race and we can work something out.

    Drivers are expected to make every reasonable effort to finish the race

    We will not award points for "start-and-parks" and if you retire from the race early when your car is still in good shape, it will be counted as a missed race. However, if your car is damaged such that you are unable to continue racing safely, or you are having internet connection issues that impact the other drivers, then you are expected to retire from the race and it will not be counted against you.

Personal Conduct

    Red Light Racing was founded on the idea of having a league where you don't have to listen to, or be involved in constant bickering and arguing. Drivers are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner. We understand that things can get a little heated now and then and disagreements are allowed so long as nobody resorts to name-calling or general bashing of another driver. Do not go on and on about a disagreement either as that is disrespectful to the other drivers who don't want to hear it.

    If there is a major disagreement, drivers are expected to wait until the end of the race and discuss it with a League Administrator. Protests may also be filed directly on our website.

    Under no circumstance will we tolerate outbursts such as cussing out another driver or calling them names

    We also do not allow "horseplay" on the track in any session that carries the Red Light name. This includes warmup/practice sessions.

Driving abilities

    Drivers are expected to put in the required amount of practice to race cleanly and competitively. If it becomes obvious to a Race Official that you did not properly prepare for the race, you may be disqualified and have to park it for the night. It is disrespectful to the other drivers to race around them unprepared. Drivers are also expected to drive conservatively around each other. Unnecessarily aggressive moves that cause wrecks could result in penalties such as black flags or race suspensions for frequent offenders.

    If you are clearly (beyond any doubt) the cause of two cautions in a single race, you will be disqualified and have to park it. This includes self-spins, spinning your tires and boggling up a start, blatant crashing into another car due to inability to control your own, etc.


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